A Neapolitan of Masers: Variability, Magnetism and VLBI
20-22 May 2013, Sydney, Australia


In May 2013 we hosted a workshop addressing three key areas of maser science and techniques: Variability, Magnetism and VLBI (further details are listed below). This workshop was hosted at the Australia Telescope National Facility in Sydney, part of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. The workshop consisted of invited talks, contributed talks and discussion, with three days of scheduled programme and two optional additional days for participants to engage in further discussion and collaborations. The aim of the workshop was to bring experts in the field together to review the current standing of each topic, discuss latest results and foster collaborations to address the remaining questions.

Scientific Topics

• Variability

♦ The theory of what drives variability
♦ The latest results of monitoring programmes
♦ Behaviours, patterns and periodicity of flux variability
♦ Behaviours, patterns and periodicity of polarisation variability
♦ Simultaneous variability of multiple transitions

• Magnetism

♦ The relation of magnetism and maser emission - theory and understanding
♦ The latest polarimetric observations
♦ The structure of local magnetic fields of objects traced by maser emission
♦ The relation of maser magnetic fields and large-scale magnetic fields
♦ Conventions of Zeeman splitting and the missing π component


♦ Overview of techniques - pitfalls and challenges
♦ Astrometric Distances and Galactic structure
♦ Impact of maser measurements on rotation curve estimates
♦ Resolution of the structure of individual objects
♦ Disks & Outflows - Disks vs Outflows

Invited Speakers

♦ Anna Bartkiewicz
♦ Andreas Brunthaler
♦ Richard Dodson
♦ Simon Ellingsen
♦ Sandra Etoka
♦ Mike Gaylard
♦ Ciriaco Goddi
♦ Sharmila Goedhart
♦ Malcolm Gray
♦ Tomoya Hirota
♦ Hiroshi Imai
♦ Michele Pestalozzi
♦ Anita Richards
♦ Tim Robishaw [Remote]
♦ Andrey Sobolev
♦ Koichiro Sugiyama
♦ Wouter Vlemmings [Remote]
♦ Maxim Voronkov
♦ Andrew Walsh
♦ Johan van der Walt