Our established initiatives related to Diversity and Equity


Internally, CASS is committed to:

  • Ensuring appropriate representation on our advisory committees.
  • Ensuring appropriate representation of organisers and speakers at scientific conferences that we host.
  • Adhering to family friendly policies around meeting times, colloquia, and flexible working hours/locations.
  • Creating a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment.
  • The establishment of a Diversity Committee (in 2014), which monitors the status of women in the organisation and recommend future actions that will improve the working environment for all.


CSIRO-wide initiatives include:

  • CSIRO has a Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2012-2015, which aims to both build on existing initiatives and begin new initiatives across all levels of CSIRO.
  • CSIRO, in 2008-09, initiated the Payne-Scott Awards, which are designed to support researchers who have taken extended leave to care for a newborn child following birth.
  • CSIRO has Diversity Officers, eight of which are located across CASS.
  • CSIRO has a 24/7-employee assistance program (EAP) that provides all CSIRO staff and their immediate families with a free, confidential counselling service to provide advice and support for work and non-work related matters.
  • CSIRO, in the past 12 months, has required all staff to undertake Bullying and Harassment and Diversity and Inclusion on-line training courses, which focused around behaviour and responsibilities.


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