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 ====== Installing DiFX for ATNF ====== ====== Installing DiFX for ATNF ======
-We have access to the latest version of the correlator ​code via the svn repository at ATNF. Contact Cormac if you need the details. +Generic instructions for getting and compiling ​the code are available in the [[difx:​installation|developer'​s wiki]]. We normally use the install-difx script described there.
- +
-DiFX comes with a script to make the installation easier. Some instructions ​are available in the [[difx:​installation|developer'​s wiki]].+
 ===== Magnus-specific instructions ===== ===== Magnus-specific instructions =====
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 +====== Obsolescent Instructions Below ======
 ===== Cuppa-specific instructions ===== ===== Cuppa-specific instructions =====
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