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-====== LBA Correlation ​@ Curtin ​======+====== LBA Correlation ======
-[[correlator:​records:​2008|Observations in 2008]]+Since 2011, records are kept on the   
 +[[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1IQHptTqiYVieeZE2qoKxAgjmOrM6_QfMYn9D-nvHua4/​edit?​usp=sharing|Records spreadsheet.]]\\  
 +[[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1IQHptTqiYVieeZE2qoKxAgjmOrM6_QfMYn9D-nvHua4/​pubhtml|Alternative webpage view - notes may not be displayed.]] 
 +[[correlator:​records:​2010|Observations in 2010]]
 [[correlator:​records:​2009|Observations in 2009]] [[correlator:​records:​2009|Observations in 2009]]
-{{:​correlator:​vlbi_archive_info.xls|History of Australian LBA experiments for archiving}} - Under revision as Swinburne archives are sorted.+[[correlator:​records:​2008|Observations in 2008]] 
 +**Updated 30/​11/​10** ​{{:​correlator:​vlbi_archive_1110.xls|History of Australian LBA experiments for archiving}}\\ 
 +Experiments observed for the LBA since May 2005, based on information provided on the wiki under revision as Swinburne archives are sorted ​and Curtin experiments are correlated. 
 +[[https://​​pub?​hl=en&​hl=en&​key=0Al7YbLo5pvvidDhiZ3J6WGNkZmQ0TWp5NFphd0dySWc&​single=true&​gid=1&​output=html|Data tracking spreadsheet for LBA stations (based on recorder monitor info)]]
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