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Extracting Weather information

NOTE: This is now all available via a link on the experiment wiki


Logon to YOWIE as 'vlbi' Then:

 $vlbi>sd [.met]
 $vlbi>rr wx
 Date (yyyymmdd) : 20080101
 Opening file: SYS$WEATHER_DATA:20080101.WST
 2007.365.14:00:00.00/wx/weather: 22.5C,1019.0mB, 43%, 20km/h P, 12km/h A, 18.2C
 2007.365.14:05:00.00/wx/weather: 22.3C,1019.0mB, 43%, 17km/h P,  9km/h A, 17.5C
 2008.001.13:55:00.00/wx/weather: 23.4C,1016.0mB, 57%, 18km/h P, 10km/h A, 16.9C
 2008.001.13:59:40.00/wx/weather: 23.2C,1016.0mB, 57%, 21km/h P, 12km/h A, 17.7C

NB: you have to give the AEST date for the data you want but the output is given with UT, in the same format as the Field System, averaged to 5 minutes. The output is also written to the file MET.LOG as well as the screen. MET.LOG contains UT time, temperature, pressure and humidity.