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8th of February 2017
ATNF Colloquium
Stabilized frequency transfer for the SKA
by David Gozzard (UWA)
Abstract. Large-area radio interferometers such as the SKA require highly stable and accurate frequency reference signals to be disseminated to each of the antennas to maintain phase coherence across the array in order to maximize the sensitivity and resolution of the telescope.

These frequency reference signals acquire phase-noise during transmission to the antennas due to environmental disturbances on the fibre-optic links. The vast extent of the SKA (with transmission distances of up to 173 km in phase-1 of construction) means that the amplitude of the phase-noise picked up by the frequency reference signals will significantly degrade the performance of the telescope. Therefore, actively stabilized frequency transmission systems are required to compensate for the disturbances and to enable the SKA to achieve its scientific objectives. This talk will discuss the development of stabilized frequency reference transfer systems for the SKA, with a particular focus on the work conducted at the University of Western Australia.

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