ASA Awards and Grants

The ASA sponsors a number of awards to people contributing to astronomy at various levels. It also provides limited travel assistance for student members.

Honorary Fellowship

The ASA recognises the contribution of members to the Society by conferring Honorary Fellowship of the Society. A list of all Honorary Fellows to date is available here.


The ASA sponsors a variety of other awards

  • The Bok Prize for the best third year or fourth year (honours) student project.
  • The Charlene Heisler Prize for an individual or group of school students who investigate a nominated astronomical theme and then present their ideas as a series of web pages.
  • The David Allen Prize for the best contribution, or series of contributions, published in the previous calendar year in widely accessible media which portrays an astronomical theme in an exciting and educative way.
  • The Ellery Lectureship for outstanding contributions in astronomy or related fields.
  • The Page Medal for excellence in amateur astronomy.

Funding for Prizes
Many of the ASA's Prizes are funded through the ASA's Foundation for the Advancement of Astronomy (FAA). The FAA is a tax-deductible Foundation intended to enhance the ASA's efforts to promote Astronomy and related fields in Australia, and to recognise and support excellence in those fields. The purposes of the FAA are very broadly defined to allow the support of prizes, scholarships, research and facilities.

The success of the Prizes and the FAA's ability to support other activities depends on the level of funding available, and hence on the financial support of ASA members and the public. The ASA invites you to make a donation (tax-deductible for Australian residents) to support the goals of the FAA. You may specify that your donation be used to support the David Allen Prize or make it available to the general purposes of the Foundation.

A form to facilitate a donation can be found on the FAA web page.


Limited funds to support individuals or certain astronomical projects may also be obtained from the Donovan Astronomical Trust. The trust provides financial assistance for projects which promote education in astronomy in Australasia. A Society member acts as Honorary Secretary for the Trust.

The Award and Grants page of the ASA's Australian Astronomy web site has links to these and other sources of Awards and Grants relevant to ASA members.

Travel Asssistance

The Society also provides limited travel assistance to student members to allow them to attend national and international conferences.

Other sources of funds for student travel are also listed on the Travel Assistance page of the ASA's Australian Astronomy web site.

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