ASA Education and Public Outreach Activities

Many members of the ASA are involved in astronomy Education and Outreach at all levels of society, ranging from school visits to university education, media contacts and activities for the general public. The ASA's Education and Public Outreach Committee (EPOC) provides a forum to discuss and promote these activities, whilst also initiating some of its own.

Membership of the ASA is open to anyone capable of contributing to the advancement of astronomy or a closely related field. Although most members are active professional astronomers and postgraduate students, the ASA also has the grade of Associate Member designed for Educators or distinguished amateur astronomers who have a demonstrated dedication to the advancement of astronomy or astronomy education.

The ASA Education and Public Outreach Committee (EPOC)

The ASA Education and Public Outreach Committee has the following mission statement:

To advance the level of public awareness of the excitement of astronomy and of the international importance of Australian astronomy, while promoting the teaching of astronomy to students and the public.

One of the most obvious activities of the committee is the production of periodic Factsheets on topics of current astronomical interest. These may be found at the Astronomy Factsheets page of the Australian Astronomy web site. The committee also has a sheet on How to Become an Astronomer.

Membership of the committee includes non-ASA members co-opted in the capacity of advisers, to ensure the broadest possible consultation with the educational and amateur communities. Any input is most welcome! The committee is always looking for new initiatives.

Enquiries should be directed to the EPOC Chair:

Dr Nick Lomb
Chair EPOC
Sydney Observatory
Watson Road Observatory Hill
The Rocks
Ph: 02 9217 0485
Fax: 02 9217 0489

The Education page of the ASA's Australian Astronomy web site has extensive links to other sites relevant to Astronomy Education. Topics covered include

  • PhD Scholarships
  • Student & Teacher Resources
  • Higher Education
  • Astronomy Factsheets
  • Public Observatories
  • Ask an Astronomer

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Media contacts

Members of the media wishing to talk to an astronomer may wish to

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