ASA Membership Information

Membership of the ASA is open to people capable of contributing to the advancement of astronomy or a closely related field. This means that the members are mostly active professional astronomers and postgraduate students. However some retired astronomers and distinguished amateur astronomers are also members, and several organisations are corporate members of the Society. The Society currently has around 400 members.


Categories of Membership

The different categories of ASA membership, and the annual fees (local/overseas), are as follows:

Honorary Fellow

(no annual fee)

The ASA Council may elect a person an Honorary Fellow to recognise distinguished contributions to the promotion or extension of the knowledge of astronomy, in particular service to the Society. A list of all Honorary Fellows to date is available here.
Fellow (FASA)

retirees-same as student rate)

A Fellow is a person with an established record in astronomical research, usually having at least 8 to 10 years of postdoctoral experience and having been a primary contributor to at least 10 well-regarded research papers in refereed astronomical journals. Fellows of the ASA are entitled to use the initials FASA after their names. Those wishing to transfer from Member to Fellow can do so using the usual Membership Application Form (pdf).
Full Member (MASA)

retirees-same as student rate)

Ph.D. graduates (or equivalent) in astronomy, or others who have contributed to the advancement of astronomy through research or education may be elected Full Members. Winners of the Society's Page Medal and others invited by Council may also be Full Members. Full Members of the ASA are entitled to use the initials MASA after their names.
Student Member


Undergraduate (usually Honours) or Graduate students working towards a degree in astronomy or a related subject may be Student Members while they remain students.
Associate Member


Educators, science communicators, or others such as distinguished amateur astronomers, who have a demonstrated dedication to the advancement of astronomy may be elected as Associate Members.
Associate Society Member


Any society that has demonstrated a dedication to the advancement of astronomy may be elected as an Associate Society Member.
Corporate Member


Any registered company, institution, association or other organisation may become corporate Members of the Society. Current Corporate Members are:

Members with Australia pay GST on their membership. Overseas members do not and fees are therefore about 10% less (but rounded).

All grades of Members other than Associates, Associate Societies and Students are entitled to vote in Society Ballots. All grades of member other than Associates receive the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA) as a privilege of membership. Associate Members may purchase a subscription to PASA at reduced cost (A$40).

Discounts on membership fees are available for members of the Australian Institute of Physics. Fees for retired Fellows and Members are the same as the Student rate.

Membership Applications

Anyone wishing to join the ASA must submit an application for membership and be recommended by two Fellows or Full members. Applications for Fellowship also require a brief CV. The Membership Application Form is available on-line as a PDF document which may be printed and forwarded by fax or post to the Secretary.

Annual fees should be paid to the Treasurer once your application has been processed and you receive an invoice for the fees.

Members wishing to change their address information can use the on-line change of address form, or email the Secretary.

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