Computing Support at ATNF

Transition to CSIRO IT



CSIRO is about to initiate the first step in a complex change regarding the way its IT (Information Technology/computers) support is delivered. IT support is being consolidated across the entire CSIRO organization. We anticipate that this will enable CSIRO to deliver better and more effective IT support so that more resources can be focussed on science.

The first step is a 3 month pilot implementation, in the Sydney basin and Newcastle. The pilot begins on Monday, 16 August 2004.

You should have already received an email from Roze Frost (Chief Information Officer of CSIRO) who is leading the process.

The first step of the pilot is to change the helpdesk to be centralized for all of the pilot region.

ATNF's headquarters at Marsfield in Sydney has used a centralized helpdesk for a long time(*), so you won't see much difference in the process of asking for computing support. You will see many of the same IT support people on your site. Personnel relocations may happen, but this will be a slow process.
(*The previous helpdesk was operated by the CTIP Computer Services Group)

How to get computing (or IT) help in Sydney

Contact the new CSIRO IT Enterprise Service Desk.

For things that you would previously have contacted the CSG-operated (helpdesk), you should now contact the new centralized service desk

  • email to
    If you are using Outlook, look for CSIRO Service Desk in the address book.
    The old ATNF helpdesk address will forward here for a while.
  • telephone 96 6666 (internal phone) or 02 6276 6666 (external).
  • Access the Service Desk pages (from Monday 16 August 2004)

A new process will be in place to enable tracking and closure of jobs when you are satisfied.


At the observatories, you should continue to get your support from the local staff. Observatory IT staff have always liased with other IT staff (ATNF, CTIP Computer Services Group, ITS) and they will continue to liase with the appropriate people.

Feedback about CSIRO IT

Neil Killeen is the ATNF's representative on the newly formed Client Working Group. Their job is to advise and help CSIRO IT as the pilot unfolds. So he will be looking out for obvious trends and issues that he can constructively feedback to CSIRO IT.

Vince McIntyre remains as ATNF's Marsfield operational IT liason person. So you should continue to talk with him as you have always done.

As the pilot unfolds we will refine these roles. Please channel feedback (good or bad) through Neil or Vince.


As Roze's email requests, if necessary, please be patient as CSIRO makes this quite complex transition. There are a lot of people working long hours in order to make this work.