Welcome to the user documentation for the ASKAP Central Processor. These pages contain documentation for the commissioning scientists and early-science users interested in carrying out calibration, imaging, and analysis of ASKAP data products.

The bulk of the tools documented here are not intended to provide end-to-end data analysis capabilities, instead they are components of the ASKAP processing pipeline exposed such that users can invoke them directly. In addition, a processing pipeline for BETA has been developed that makes use of these tools, and is described here. For more information on (including the scope of) the ASKAP processing pipelines please refer to the document entitled ASKAP Science Processing (ASKAP-SW-0020).

Rather than read the documentation set from start to finish, it is suggested users first read the Platform Documentation to setup their environment and gain an understanding of platform and execution environment. Then users can move to the Tutorials for a guided tour of some basic data processing, then finally move to the other sections to gain a detailed understanding of the specific programs used in the tutorials.

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