IRAF is an Image Reduction and Analysis Facility.

Further information is available on the Web at the Australian mirror site at ANU and for ftp at ANU ftp site. For previous versions go to NOAO IRAF page.

Using IRAF at ATNF

Please note that this software is not being kept up-to-date and IRAF is not supported at the ATNF.

IRAF v2.11 is now available at ATNF. At present it can only be run on attila . To run IRAF for the first time:

  1. Log in to attila
  2. If you are not using one of these machines, set the DISPLAY environment variable to the terminal you are using:
    setenv DISPLAY my_machine:0.0
  3. Create youself an IRAF directory (can be called anything):
    mkdir ~/iraf
  4. Go to that directory:
    cd ~/iraf
  5. In that directory type the following command:
  6. To display images, run saoimage:
  7. To start up IRAF:
  8. To exit IRAF:
You only need to run mkiraf once, so on future occasions you can omit steps 3 and 5. You must start IRAF from your IRAF directory as a defaults file ( is located there and IRAF gets confused if it cannot find your

At present, the default location for IRAF data is

/DATA/ATLAS_4/iraf .
Create yourself a subdirectory here (or IRAF will do so for you if you run the IRAF program rfits to read in a fits file). The file contains the default locations of your data files and command parameters/histories: edit your to define alternative default locations.

IRAF documentation is located in room 94 and more can be found at:
The blue folders in room 94 should contain all the documentation you need for standard photometry and spectroscopy.

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