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Please note Karma is maintained now only for portability fixes.
The documents here are for the last ever version of Karma, 1.7.25, and may contain some inaccuracies or anacronisms.

Karma is a toolkit for interprocess communications, authentication, encryption, graphics display, user interface and manipulating the Karma network data structure. It contains KarmaLib (the structured libraries and API) and a large number of modules (applications) to perform many standard tasks.

A suite of visualisation tools is also distributed with the library.

If you have the Karma HTML documentation files installed under /usr/local/karma/www then use that copy, it will be much faster.

For a more detailed description of the Karma Library, read the Karma Library README file.

Karma is freely available and is distributed under the GNU LGPL (libraries) and GPL (applications).

Karma Documentation

User Manual
A prerequisite for using the Karma visualisation tools, also available as a PostScript document.

Programming Manual
Prerequisite for programming with Karma, also available in PostScript.

Reference Manual
Details of the packages and Xt-based widgets that comprise the Karma Library.


Installation instructions are contained in the README file in the Karma ftp area.

Screen shots

Documentation for these tools is available in the User Manual.


Please cite one of the references below if your use of Karma leads to a publication:

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