The "col" Package

These routines are meant to provide basic conversions between colours in different colour spaces.

Library: karma
Link With: -lkarma


col_hsb_slice_to_rgb_arrayGenerate a table of RGB values from a slice of HSB space.


void col_hsb_slice_to_rgb_array (unsigned long rgb_array[65536], unsigned long red_mask, unsigned long green_mask, unsigned long blue_mask, float min_brightness, float max_brightness, float start_hue, float stop_hue, float saturation)

This routine will convert a slice in HSB (Hue, Saturation and Brightness) colour space to a 2-dimensional array of RGB (Red, Green and Blue) values. The HSB slice covers a range of hue and brightness at a fixed satutation.


Returns: Nothing.
Multithreading Level: Safe.

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