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livedata / gridzilla


The binary distribution kits for livedata and gridzilla should include everything required to run them on compatible Linux, Solaris, and/or Darwin systems.

These kits include MultibeamVis, a special version of kvis, the karma image/movie display tool, with Glish interface.

Installation instructions are contained in the README file.

A new version of livedata that should work on OSX10.11 and has some fixes to catzilla and pksreader is now available here.


VERSION date this release was generated.


livedata_root.tar.bz2 (required) contains top-level files.


livedata_linux.tar.bz2 contains linux binaries.


livedata_linux64.tar.bz2 binaries for 64-bit linux systems.


livedata_darwin.tar.bz2 contains Darwin (Mac OS X) Intel binaries.


livedata_sun4sol.tar.bz2 contains Sun Solaris binaries. (No longer updated as of 2012/11/16.)


livedata_code.tar.bz2 (optional) contains Glish and C++ source code.


livedata_HIPASS.tar.bz2 (optional) auxiliary files for creating standard HIPASS, ZOA, and HVC cubes.


Last modified: 2015/09/08 (c.f. VERSION for the release date of the software itself)

Send requests for support to livedata at atnf.csiro.au.