Use of Mathematica at ATNF, Marsfield

There is a licence for Mathematica Version 3.0 on the Sun server called dylan.
Please call helpdesk if you have problems with it.
To use it, log in to dylan and add to your path with:
   set path= ( $path /local/mathematica/bin )

To run in line mode:

To run in X mode, you must have the Mathematica fonts available on your X server. To do this run the following on your desktop machine
   xset fp+ /nfs/applic/mathematica/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1 
   xset fp+ /nfs/applic/mathematica/SystemFiles/Fonts/X 
   xset fp rehash 
then on dylan, start mathematica with:
   setenv DISPLAY xxx
Please close it down when you are not using it as it allows only 4 simultaneous users.

For help see and the help button in Mathematica.

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