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Basic Information on addhis

Task: addhis
Purpose: Add comments to the history of a dataset
Categories: utility

    ADDHIS is a MIRIAD task to add information to the history item
    of a miriad dataset.

Key: in
    Name of the dataset to which information is added

Key: comment
    Comments to be added, one line only.
    Commas and tabs are treated like spaces,
    and multiple spaces are treated like a single space.

Key: file
    Name of a text file whose contents is added to the history.
    Default: not used. Use the keyword ``lines'' to select
    only certain lines.

Key: lines
    Linenumbers to select from input file. Only used if a file
    is specified. Default: all. Linenumbers are specified by
    given the first and last line that are to be added, e.g.
    lines=20,25 will copy lines 20 through 25. Multiple doublets
    can be given.

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