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Basic Information on arrayplt

Task: arrayplt
Purpose: Plot antenna layout of the array.
Categories: plotting

        Arrayplt is a MIRIAD task which plots the array layout of an
        interferometer array. Only the first antenna table in the
        file is plotted.

Key: vis
        The name of the input data-set. No default.

Key: select
        Normal visibility selection, although only the antenna
        selection is honoured (no other selection is honoured!).

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Several can be given, abbreviated to
        uniqueness. Possible options are:
          name   Label each antenna with its name rather than its number.

Key: device
        The PGPLOT plotting device to use. The default is no plot.

Key: log
        A log file where a KML file will be written to giving the antenna position.
        The default is no KML file. (KML files are read by Google Earth and many
        geographical information systems).

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