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Basic Information on atmerge

Task: atmerge
Purpose: Merge ancillary information with an AT-observed uv file.
Categories: uv analysis

        ATMERGE merges certain ancillary information of an AT observation
        into the corresponding Miriad uv file.

Key: vis
        The names of the input uv data sets. No default.

Key: tsys
        Either one of two names, being the text files containing the
        system temperatures for the various antennas. If one value is
        given, then the Tsys for the X and Y channels are assumed to be the
        same. If two values are given, the first is assumed to be X, then
        second is Y. The default is no tsys file.

Key: xyphase
        The name of a text file containing the XY phases. The default is
        no xyphase file.

Key: chi
        The name of a text file containing the RPFITS parallactic angle
        data. This results in the variable ``errchi'', which gives
        the difference between the Miriad value and the RPFITS value.
        Default is no chi file.

Key: xyamp
        The name of the text file containing the XY-amplitude data.
        This results in the variable ``xyamp'' being written. Default is
        no xy-amplitude file.

Key: out
        The name of the output uv data set. No default.

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