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Basic Information on atrecal

Task: atrecal
Purpose: Copy and recalibrate a CABB uv dataset.
Categories: uv analysis

        atrecal copies a uv dataset and recomputes the systemp and
        xyphase variables from the autocorrelations.
        Useful for CABB data with RFI affected Tsys or when splitting
        wide bands. Invert uses the systemp variable for the data
        weights when options=systemp is used.

Key: vis
        The name of the input uv data sets. Several can be given (wild
        cards are supported). No default.

Key: select
        The normal uv selection commands. The default is copy everything

Key: line
        The normal uv linetype in the form:
        The default is all channels (or all wide channels if there are
        no spectral channels). The output will consist of only spectral
        or wideband data (but not both).

Key: options
        This gives extra processing options. Several options can be
        given, each separated by commas. They may be abbreviated to the
        minimum needed to avoid ambiguity. Possible options are:
           nocal       Do not apply the gains file. By default, atrecal
                       applies the gains file in copying the data.
           nopass      Do not apply bandpass corrections. By default,
                       atrecal corrects for the bandpass shape if the
                       required information is available.
           nopol       Do not apply polarization corrections. By default
                       atrecal corrects for polarization cross-talk.
           relax       Normally atrecal discards a correlation record if
                       all the correlations are bad. This option causes
                       atrecal to retain all records.
           spectrum    Store a tsys spectrum in addition to the normal
                       systemp variable.

Key: naver
        The number of channels to average together to derive a point for
        the tsys spectrum. Defaults to 1.

Key: out
        The name of the output uv data set. No default.
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