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Basic Information on attsys

Task: attsys
Purpose: Do various operations with Tsys values.
Categories: uv analysis

        ATTSYS can apply or remove the Tsys weighting from correlation
        data, reapply Tsys based on a specified IF, or scale the
        the Tsys values (leaving the data unchanged)

Key: vis
        The names of the input uv data sets. No default.

Key: out
        The name of the output uv data set. No default.

Key: tsysif
        The IF numbers used to provide the Tsys correction values.
        Multiple values can be specified, one for each spectral window.
        E.g., 1,1,3,3 will overwrite the 2nd and 4th set of tsys values
        with the 1st and 3rd. This parameter is only used with the redo
        option. Default value is 1, which applies the tsys for the 1st
        IF to all following IFs.

Key: factor
        Scale factor to apply to the Tsys values recorded in the data.
        This parameter is ignored except if options=scale.

Key: options
        Extra processing options. Several options can be given,
        separated by commas. Minimum match is supported. Possible values
          apply     Apply the Tsys correction to the data. This is the
          unapply   Undo the Tsys correction in the data. Note that you
                    cannot use the "apply" and "unapply" options
          auto      Use the "tcorr" variable to determine whether Tsys
                    has been applied or not.
                    NOTE: Information needed for options=auto is lost if
                    you copy or split a dataset. If you are going to use
                    options=auto, you generally have to do it on the file
                    resulting from atlod.
          redo      Remove the existing Tsys correction from all IFs and
                    reapply the Tsys from the IFs specified in tsysif.
                    This can be used for certain CABB observations where
                    the zoom bands have no valid Tsys information.
                    This option cannot be combined with the previous ones.
          inverse   Apply the inverse correction for redo
          scale     Scale the existing tsys values by the value given by
                    the parameter factor (leaves data unchanged)
          nocal     Do not apply the gains file.
          nopass    Do not apply bandpass corrections.
          nopol     Do not apply polarization corrections.
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