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Basic Information on calc

Task: calc
Purpose: A calculator program.
Categories: tools

        CALC is a calculator program. An expression is given in FORTRAN
        like syntax, and the result printed out.
          calc [-ir] [-f xxx] expression
          -i             Print the result as an integer.
          -f xxx         Print the result using FORTRAN format xxx.
          -r             Treat the input as a single integer, and
                         print it out in various radix formats.
                         The input integer can be in a radix format.
                         A %x introduces a hex number, %o an octal and
                         %b a binary.
          -c             Treat the input as a single constant, and print out
                         information on it.
          expression     A FORTRAN-like expression (except if the -r
                         flag is given).
                         NOTE: An asterisk and brackets are special
                         characters to some UNIX shells. These characters
                         may need to be escaped or quoted when giving the

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