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Basic Information on clfind

Task: clfind
Purpose: Find clumps by tracing contours (in 3D)
Categories: utility

   CLFIND is a MIRIAD task which finds the clumps in a 3-d cube,
   by tracing contours, proceeding to lower levels and following
   merging of said clumps. For full description/testing/application in
     Williams, J.P, de Geus, E.J. & Blitz, L., ApJ, 428, 693. (1994)
   Also see
   for a general description and access to a postscript memo.

Key: in
      The input image containing the data cube.  (No default)
      The output clump assignment file (also a miriad datacube
      with the same dimensions as the input) has the name in.cf

Key: dt
      The contour increment (no default)

Key: start
      The starting contour level (default=1)

Key: nmin
      Minimum number of pixels in each clump.
      Any clumps with fewer pixels are rejected (default=4).
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