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Basic Information on clplot

Task: clplot
Purpose: Plot integrated maps, etc and clump assigment from clfind
Categories: image analysis

        CLPLOT is an interactive task to analyse spectra, position-
        velocity slices, and integrated velocity maps from Miriad
        Images.  There are three basic display options:
         - Velocity-averaged (x,y) images over selected velocity
                intervals.  Also makes velocity and velocity dispersion
         - Spectra at selected (x,y) positions.  The data can be
                convolved in x, y or velocity.  Gaussian fitting
         - Position-velocity maps along user selected position angles,
                or plots of intensity versus position for selected
                velocity channels.  The data can be convolved in the
                (x,y) plane.
        (x,y) positions are (HA,DEC) in arcsec relative to map center.
        Position angles are measured from the north towards the east.
        The output from each option can be plotted, printed, or written
        out as Miriad images of velocity-averaged maps, position-
        velocity maps, or ascii spectra respectively.  Gaussian fits are
        written into the log.
        The task keeps user-defined lists of velocity-averaged maps,
        position-velocity cuts, and spectra positions.  These lists can
        be created and edited within the task, and can be passed between
        the three displays.  For example, a list of spectra or position-
        velocity cuts can be created with the cursor whilst displaying a
        velocity-averaged map.  The lists are used to display the
        spectra and position-velocity cuts, and can be written out and
        read in as ascii files.
        An options menu provides a choice of display style, contour
        levels, and units.  Further interactive help is available within
        the task.

Key: in
        Input image name. No default.

Key: device
        The PGPLOT plotting device.

Key: region
        Region of image to be plotted, e.g.
        reads in 51 x 121 pixels of image planes 16 to 57.  See help on
        'region' for more details.  The default is the whole image.  The
        current size limit is 400 in any dimension (see parameter MAXDIM
        in clplot.h)

Key: log
        The output log file. The default filename is clplot.log
        Results from image analysis are written into the log file.
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