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Basic Information on contsen

Task: contsen
Purpose: Continuum subtraction noise sensitivity.
Categories: uv analysis

        CONTSEN makes plots of noise amplification factor of tasks such
        as UVLIN, AVMATHS and CONTSUB.

Key: chans
        This specifices the channel ranges that contain only continuum
        (line free). It consists of a number of paris, each pair giving
        a start and end channel. The default is that there are 512
        continuum channels.

Key: xrange
        The range of channels to plot the noise sensitivity. The default
        is the min anx max channels given by the chans keyword.

Key: order
        The order of the polynomial fit in UVLIN. Either 1 or 2 numbers
        can be given. If two numbers are given, then CONTSEN determines
        the noise sensitivity for order(1) to order(2) inclusive. The
        default is to determine the noise sensitivity for first order

Key: device
        PGPLOT device. No default.

Key: nxy
        The plot grid. The default depends on the number of plots.

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