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Basic Information on deproject

Task: deproject
Purpose: deproject an image
Categories: map analysis

      Given the center, major axis, and inclination of a galaxy,
      create a deprojected image. Two optional parameters are provided
      to allow for the output image's size and the galaxy's central
      coordinate to be fixed.
      Intensities are multiplied by cos(inc) to correct the surface
      brightness, assuming we have a plane parallel optically thin
      medium. See iflag= to control this behavior.
      Caveat: image needs to have square pixels

Key: in
      Input data cube. No default.

Key: out
      Output data cube. No default.

Key: center
      Center of the polar coordinate system, in pixels where
      (1,1) is the lower left point in a map.
      By default the mapcenter will be taken.
      By default the output map will preserve this as the reference
      pixel, but see also ocenter= below.

Key: pa
      major axis position angle (degrees)

Key: inc
      inclination to be deprojected (degrees)

Key: osize
      Optional forced output size in X and Y. By default
      size is choosen from ...

Key: ocenter
      Optional output position for galaxy center. By default
      the output center is the same as the input center

Key: iflux
      flag to attempt some manner of flux conversion
                    [Integer: 0 = Don't bother (default)
                              1 = Sure why not ]

Key: invert
      flag to invert the deprojection transformation
                    (i.e. project image)
                    [Integer: 0 >= Deproject image (default)
                             -1  = inverse transfomation (project image)]

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