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Basic Information on ellplt

Task: ellplt
Purpose: Plot points in elliptical annuli.
Categories: image analysis

        ELLPLT plots the values of a Miriad image along ellipses.

Key: in
        Input image name. No default.

Key: region
        Region of image to be displayed. See the help on region for
        more information.

Key: center
        The offset of the center of the annuli in arcsec (or natural
        units if options=natural is used) offset from the reference

Key: pa
        Position angle of ellipse major axis in degrees.  Default is 0

Key: incline
        The ellipse is assumed to be a circular structure that appears
        elliptical because it is viewed at some inclination.  The
        "incline" parameter gives this inclination angle in degrees.
        Default=0. (face on)

Key: radius
        This gives one or two values, determining the radii of the major
        axis of the annulus of interest. If one value is given, then
        this is taken as the radius at the center of the annulus, and
        the annulus is 5% wide.  If two values are given these are taken
        as the inner and outer radii of the annulus.  The units are (by
        default) arcsec, but can be natural units if options=natural is
        used.  No default.

Key: range
        Min and max greyscale values for the greyscale plot.  The
        default is the image minimum and maximum.

Key: device
        Plotting device. See the help on device for more information.
        The default is not to make a plot.

Key: log
        Output log file. The default is not to make a log file.

Key: options
        Task enrichment options.  Minimum match is active.
          natural   Assume keywords "center" and "radius" are in natural
                    units rather than arcsec.
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