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Basic Information on fakeotf

Task: fakeotf
Purpose: Generate a fake RPFITS file from an existing one
Categories: analysis

        FAKEOTF reads an RPFITS file and replaces all spectra with a
        single Gaussian profile.  The amplitude of the Gaussian is
        either constant across the map (fwhm=0) or falls of as a
        circular 2-D Gaussian in the image plane.  A new RPFITS file is
        produced.  Use this to simulate the effects of Gridzilla on
        Mopra OTF data.
        Limitation: The same parameters will be used for all IFs.

Key: in
        Input RPFITS file, which should be an OTF map.  It is assumed
        that the position and spectral timestamps match; if not run
        MOPFIX first.

Key: out
        Output RPFITS file.  No default.

Key: specpar
        Amplitude and sigma of spectral Gaussian, in K and channel
        units.  Default is 1,20 - i.e. 1 K and 20 channels.

Key: centre
        RA,DEC of centre position for image Gaussian.  No default, but
        can be omitted if fwhm=0.

Key: fwhm
        FWHM of image Gaussian in arcsec (default 30). Give 0 for flat

Key: tsys
        System temps for channels A and B respectively.  If only one
        value is given, this is used for both channels.  This is also
        used to determine the amount of noise in each spectrum.  Default
        is to use the original Tsys measurements from the input file.
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