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Basic Information on gpbreak

Task: gpbreak
Purpose: Insert a break point in the gain table.
Categories: calibration

        GpBreak is a MIRIAD task which modifies a gain table to include a
        break point. This prevents normal interpolation of gains across
        this point.

Key: vis
        The input visibility file, containing the gain file to modify.
        No default.

Key: break
        The times, in the normal Miriad format, where to insert the
        break point. Several times can be given. No default.

Key: ants
        The antennas affected. The default is all antennas.

Key: feeds
        The polarisation feeds affected (e.g. R, L, X or Y). Default is
        all feeds.
          gpbreak vis=cyga times=20:30,21:15 ants=1,2 feeds=X

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