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Basic Information on gpcopy

Task: gpcopy
Purpose: Copy or merge gains, bandpass and polarization correction.
Categories: calibration

        GpCopy is a MIRIAD task which copies or merges calibration corrections
        (antenna gains, polarization leakages, frequency table, bandpass item)
        from one data-set to another.

Key: vis
        The name of the input data-set. This will normally be a visibility
        data-set. No default.

Key: out
        The name of the output data-set. This is NOT created by GPCOPY, but
        rather the relevant items are copied to this data-set.

Key: mode
        This determines how the calibration tables, etc, are ``copied''
        to the output. The default is to ``copy''. Possible values are:
          create   Create the output, and copy the calibration tables to it.
          copy     Copy the calibration tables to the output, overwriting
                   and previously existing calibration tables. This is the
          apply    Apply the input calibration tables to the output calibration
                   tables. This is the sort of operation that you might do
                   if you have two sets of calibration tables that you wish
                   to "multiply" together (implemented for gains and bandpass
          merge    Merge the two calibration tables together. This is the
                   sort of operation that you will want to perform if you
                   have two sets of calibration tables which are disjoint in
                   time (e.g. you used two secondary calibrators). The
                   merge opertation will weave the two sets of tables together.
                   (implemented for gain tables only).

Key: options
        This gives extra processing options, which are used to suppress
        the copying of certain items. Several options can be given,
        separated by commands. Minimum match is used:
          nopol    Do not copy the items dealing with polarization
          nocal    Do not copy the items dealing with antenna gain
          nopass   Do not copy the items dealing with bandpass
                   calibration (this includes the cgains and wgains tables).
          relax    Relax the interpolation interval limits to 0.5 days.
                   Use this when copying gain tables created by selfcal
                   or gpscal to other sources.
                   With mode=apply: simply adjust the existing output gains,
                   rather than doing the default merge & multiply of solutions.

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