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Basic Information on gperror

Task: gperror
Purpose: Add dummy gains to a visibility file.
Categories: uv analysis

        GPERROR is a Miriad task which adds a gains table to a uv dataset.
        This gain table consists of random phase and amplitude errors.
        GPERROR's use is in simulating such phase and amplitude errors in
        the data. See also UVGEN's GNOISE and PNOISE parameters.

Key: vis
        The input visibility file. This is used to determine the number
        of antennas and the time range.
        No default.

Key: interval
        Averaging time interval, over which variations will occur,
        in minutes.
        Default is 5.

Key: pnoise
        Anntena based rms phase noise, in degrees.
        Default is 0.

Key: gnoise
        Antenna based rms gain noise, given as a percentage.
        Default is 0.

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