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Basic Information on gpplt

Task: gpplt
Purpose: Plot and list gain and polarization correction terms.
Categories: calibration

        GpPlt is a MIRIAD task which plots and lists antenna gain and
        polarization terms. The plot for gains is against time. The
        plot for polarization characteristics is against antenna number.

Key: vis
        The name of the input data-set. This will normally be a visibility
        data-set. No default.

Key: device
        The PGPLOT plotting device to use. The default is no plot.

Key: log
        The log to give a listing of the gains and polarization terms. The
        default is no log.

Key: yaxis
        This specifies what is to be plotted/listed. Several values can be
        given, separated by commas. Minimum match is used:
          amp      Plot/list amplitudes. This is the default if the gains
                   are being plotted/listed, and nothing else is requested.
          phase    Plot/list phases.
          real     Plot/list the real parts. This is the default if the
                   polarization terms are being plotted/listed, and nothing
                   else is requested.
          imag     Plot/list the imaginary parts.
        If nothing is given, "amp" is assumed.

Key: options
        Thus gives some extra processing options. Several values can be
        given, separated by commas. Minimum match us used.
          gains        Plot/list the gains vs time. This is the default if
                       nothing else is requested.
          xygains      Plot/list the ratio of X gain to Y gain.
          xbyygain     Plot/list the product of X gain by Y gain.
          polarization Plot/list the leakages vs antenna number.
          2polarization Plot/list the second leakages vs antenna number.
          delays       Plot/list the delays vs time.
          speccor      Plot/list the spectral correction vs time.
          bandpass     Plot/list the bandpass shape vs frequency.
          dots         Plot things as dots (rather than chunky circles).
          dtime        Give time in days and fractions of a day. This is more
                       useful for listing files which are to be passed into
                       some other analysis or plotting tool.
          wrap         Don't unwrap phase plots

Key: nxy
        Number of plots in the x and y directions. The default is 2,2.

Key: select
        A subset of the normal uv-selection parameters. They are not
        entirely consisently used. Antenna and time selection is supported
        for gains. Time selection is supported for delay and spectral
        correction. Antenna and frequency selection is supported for
        bandpasses. The default is to select everything.

Key: yrange
        The min and max range along the y axis of the plots. By default
        gpplt autoscales. If the ``yrange'' parameter is given, then this
        range is used on ALL plots. So it may not make much sense to
        plot different sorts of quantities (e.g. amplitude and phases)
        when explicitly giving the plot range.

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