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Basic Information on hanning

Task: hanning
Purpose: Smooth a cube along the spectral axis
Categories: map combination

        Hanning does a Hann or boxcar smooth on the spectral axis of
        a Miriad image cube.  It determines the axis from the header,
        or else assumes that it is the z-axis.  Masked pixels are
        zeroed before smoothing.
        For very large cubes hanning smoothing the 3rd axis can be
        too slow, it may be much quicker to use reorder to put the
        spectral axis first, then run hanning, and then reorder back.

Key: in
         The input image.  No default.

Key: out
         The output image.  No default.

Key: region
         Region of the input image to process.

Key: object
         hanning or boxcar.  Default is hanning.

Key: width
         The number of channels over which to smooth.  Must be an odd
         number.  Default is 3.
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