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Basic Information on hermes

Task: hermes
Purpose: Make model images for Mercury.
Categories: image analysis, planets.

        First calculates a Hermographic brightness temperature map,
        then uses interpolation and coordinate rotations to find
        the corresponding map in geocentric RA and DEC offsets from
        the sub-earth point.  Next, the Fresnel reflection coef-
        ficients are applied to obtain the model map.  Finally, a
        set of CLEAN components are generated for use in the RAL
        software package.  This is the non-linear diffusion version.
        $MIR/cat/hermes.in is a sample input file, and can be copied
        to the user's own directory.  A more complete discussion of
        program HERMES can be found in file $MIR/cat/hermes.txt.

Key: in
        Parameter file.  Default is "hermes.in".

Key: imsize
        Image size.  Default is 64.

Key: log
        Output log file.  Default is "hermes.log".

Key: out
        Output image.  Units JY/PIXEL.  No default.
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