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Basic Information on histo

Task: histo
Purpose: Find statistics of image and plot simple histogram
Categories: map analysis

        HISTO is a Miriad task which finds the minimum, maximum, mean and
        rms deviation from the mean for the selected region of the image.
        It also displays a simple histogram which is useful for determining
        the clip levels for clean and selfcal.

Key: in
        The input file name. No default.

Key: region
        The region of interest of the input. Default is the entire input.
        See the Users Manual for instructions on how to specify this.
        Pixel blanking is not supported; all pixels in the selected region
        are used.

Key: range
        The range in pixel values over which the histogram is calculated.\
        The minmax, mean and dispersion are now also computed in this range.
        The default is the image minima and maxima.

Key: nbin
        The number of bins used in the histogram. Default is 16.

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