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Basic Information on im2uv

Task: im2uv
Purpose: Convert an image to visibilities.
Categories: uv analysis

        This Fourier transforms an image and writes the result as a
        visibility file.  Thus the uv plane sampling pattern is a
        cartesian grid.  Many of the uv variables are given reasonably
        arbitrary values to make the output dataset appear mildly

Key: model
        Input image model. No default.  The model should have units of
        Jy/pixel, eg. a clean component model.  Only a two-dimensional
        model is handled.

Key: out
        Output visibility dataset.  No default.

Key: region
        The region of interest in the model.  The model is treated as
        zero outside the region of interest.  See the help on region
        for more information.

Key: select
        Visibility data selection - only 'uvrange' selection is
        supported.  See the help on select for more information.
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