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Basic Information on imbin

Task: imbin
Purpose: Bin up an image.
Categories: image analysis

        IMBIN bins up (averages) pixels, and/or picks out every Nth
        pixel, in some combination of the first three dimensions of an
        image.  If the selected binning size does not integrally fit
        into the size of the axis, the region is adjusted so that it
        does if possible.
        An output pixel is blanked only if there were no valid
        contributing input pixels.

Key: in
        Input image.  Wild card expansion supported.  No default.

Key: region
        Standard region of interest.  See the help on region for
        more information.  The default is the entire input.

Key: bin
        A pair of values for each axis.  These give the spatial
        increment and binning size in pixels for each axis to be applied
        to the selected region.  If the binning size is not unity, it
        must equal the increment.  For example, to bin up the image by 2
        pixels in the x direction, and to pick out every third pixel in
        the z direction, set BIN=2,2, 1,1, 3,1
        Defaults are 1,1 for each axis.

Key: out
        Output image

Key: options
        Extra processing options.  Only the minimum characters to avoid
        ambiguity is needed.
          sum       Produce sum rather than average of pixels in
                    each bin
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