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Basic Information on imcat

Task: imcat
Purpose: Concatenate several images into one.
Categories: map combination

        IMCAT is a MIRIAD task to concatenate several images together
        along an axis (generally the frequency or velocity

Key: in
        The input images.  Several file names can be entered, separated
        by commas.  No default.

Key: out
        The output image.  No default.

Key: axis
        The axis to concatentate together.  The default is the 3rd axis
        (i.e. axis=3).  You cannot concatenate together on the first

Key: options
        Task enrichment options.  Minimum match is used.  Currently
        there is only a single option:
          relax  This instructs IMCAT to ignore axis descriptor
                 mismatches (e.g. pixel increments etc).  Use this with
Revision: 1.8, 2013/08/30 01:49:21 UTC

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