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Basic Information on imlist

Task: imlist
Purpose: List items and pixel values from an image
Categories: image analysis

        IMLIST reports information concerning a Miriad image.  By
        default it lists pixel values.  Alternatively, it can list the
        mosaic table or image statistics.

Key: in
        Input image name.  No default.

Key: options
        Several options can be given separated by commas, and can be
        abbreviated to uniqueness.  Possible options are:
          data       List some data.
          mosaic     List the mosaic table of an image (if present).
          statistics List total flux, min and max and rms for each

Key: region
        The region of interest.  See the help on region for more
        information.  This gives the region of pixels to be listed, or
        the region for which statistics are calculated.  Only
        rectangular regions of interest are supported.  The default is
        the entire image (which is usually too big for listing).

Key: format
        This gives the FORTRAN format for listing pixel values.
        For example: 1pe11.4, f5.2, 1pg12.5. The default is 1pe10.3

Key: log
        The output log file.  The default is the terminal.
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