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Basic Information on impoly

Task: impoly
Purpose: Flat field subtraction using a 2D polynomial fit
Categories: map combination

        IMPOLY (IMage POLYnomial subtraction) is a MIRIAD task that
        performs a least squares polynomial fit to a specified region
        of each plane of a cube and subtracts this fit from the entire

Key: in
        The input image.  No default.

Key: out
        The output image.  No default.

Key: order
        The degree of the highest term of the polynomial fit.  It is not
        possible to have a different order of the polynomial in X and Y.
        Default is zero (i.e. fit a constant).

Key: coeffs
        A logical, specifying whether you want to see fitted polynomial
        coefficients.  Note: the coefficients are defined w.r.t. the
        reference pixel, and are in pixel units.  Default is not.

Key: region
        Full region specifications are supported.  Defaults to the
        entire image.
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