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Basic Information on imsharp

Task: imsharp
Purpose: Sharpen an image
Categories: map analysis

      IMSHARP is a MIRIAD task which sharpens an image. No sub region can
      be selected, the whole image is processed. Masking information
      is properly processed though: if any of the associated pixels has
      been masked out, so will be the corresponding pixel in the output
      Other methods to sharpen images: use SMOOTH with norm=0.0 and
      divide the smoothed map by the original map using MATHS (unsharp
      masking). Also: Shift or rotate an image, and subtract it from
      the original. Good for (non)axysymmetric features resp.

Key: in
      The input image. No default.

Key: out
      The output image. No default.
      Note: Nasty things happen to 4D+ datasets.

Key: method
      Select the method to use to sharped an image.
      Currently only simple 2D laplacian derivatives.

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