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Basic Information on imspect

Task: imspect
Purpose: Make spectrum from a Miriad image.
Categories: image analysis and display.

        IMSPECT makes an spectrum of the velocity or frequency axis of a
        Miriad image.  The spectrum is integrated, or averaged over the
        region specified for the other image axes.  The output spectrum
        can be plotted and/or written out as an ascii file for further

Key: in
        The input image.  vxy and xyv images are acceptable inputs.
        No default.

Key: region
        Rectangular region of image to be averaged.  E.g.
          % imspect  region=relpix,box(-4,-4,5,5)(10,50) for an xyv
        image, makes a spectrum of image planes 10 to 50 integrated
        over the center 10 x 10 pixels in the x-y plane.  For a vxy
        image where the x and y size is 128x128, the corresponding
        region=box(10,61,50,70)(61,70).  Box refers image axes 1 and 2
        for either vxy or xyv images.  The default is the entire image.

Key: xaxis
        The x-axis can be plotted as 'channel' or the units in the
        image.  The default which is whatever units are in the header.

Key: yaxis
        If 'average' then the pixels enclosed in the x-y area specified
        are averaged.  If 'sum' they are summed and normalized if the
        units are known.  Default is 'average'

Key: yrange
        Y-axis range for plot.  The default is to self-scale.

Key: hann
        Hanning smoothing length (an odd integer < 15).  The default is
        no smoothing (hann = 1).

Key: options
        List of minimum match task enrichment options.
        1deriv  Take 1-sided derivative of spectrum before plotting and
                after Hanning smoothing.  Useful for Zeeman enthusiasts.
        2deriv  Take 2-sided derivative of spectrum before plotting.
        curve   Plot the spectrum joining up the dots instead of the
                default step-plot.

Key: device
        Standard PGPLOT device.  See the help on device for more

Key: log
        Write spectrum to this ascii file.  Default is no output file.

Key: comment
        A one-line comment which is written into the logfile.
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