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Basic Information on imtab

Task: imtab
Purpose: Tabulate image data
Categories: map analysis

        IMTAB is a Miriad task which tabulates selected regions of
        an image in a format suitable for programs like UVGEN.
        Different output modes can be selected:
        The UVGEN format outputs, in (8f10.4) format:
        where the last 5 parameters are set to 0.0. DRA and DDEC are
        given in arcsec w.r.t. the reference pixel if the axis
        type is a recognized astronomical one.
        The NEMO format outputs, in (3g16.9) format:
            DRA, DDEC, FLUX

Key: in
      The input file name. No default.

Key: region
      The region of interest of the input. Default is the entire input.
      Full region specifations are supported.
    * Note: 3D datacubes do not display their 3rd coordinate.

Key: clip
      Only tabulate scaled (see SCALE=) image data above the clip value.
      Default: all data.

Key: scale
      Scale factor with which the image data is multiplied
      before output and clip test (see CLIP=). Default:  1.0.

Key: mode
      Output mode. Currently accepted are: uvgen, nemo.
      Default: nemo.

Key: format
      Override the default mode-dependant output format. Default: none.
      Note: The format specification must be a legal fortran
      format, including the parenthesis; e.g. ``format=(3F20.10)''

Key: units
      Units of the output axes. Valid options are absolute and relative
      (with respect to the reference pixel).
      If an axis is a known astronomical coordinate system, the units are
      displayed in arcsecs.
      Default: relative.

Key: log
      The output log file. The default is the terminal.

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