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Basic Information on maxfit

Task: maxfit
Purpose: Fits a 2-D parabola to a 3x3 region of an image
Categories: image analysis

        MAXFIT finds the maximum value of a region of an image.
        This region may be three dimensional.  It then fits a
        parabola to a 3x3 array extracted from the first two
        dimensions of the image and centred on the maximum pixel
        in the specified region.  MAXFIT then returns the location
        and value of the maximum pixel and the fitted pixel.

Key: in
        The input image.

Key: region
        Region of interest in which to search for the maximum pixel.
        The default is the whole image.

Key: options
        "abs"  means that MAXFIT search for the maximum absolute
               pixel value rather than the default, which is just
               the maximum pixel value.

Key: log
        Write results to this log file as well as screen.
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