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Basic Information on minmax

Task: minmax
Purpose: Forced write of the minimum and maximum data header values
Categories: map analysis

    MINMAX sets the DATAMIN and DATAMAX items in an image in those rare
    cases that you need it computed from a selected area. Most commonly
    when data have been flagged (e.g. with MATHS or IMFLAG).
    See also PUTHD on how to patch a user supplied value for DATAMIN
    and/or DATAMAX.
    If the min/max was found to be the same, nothing will be done to
    the dataset.

Key: in
    The input dataset name. No default.

Key: region
    The region of interest over which the min and max are to be computed.
    Full region specifications are supported.
    See the Users Manual for instructions on how to specify this.
    Default: the whole dataset

Key: minmax
    If supplied, this is a fast way to set a new value for the min and
    max as you want them. There is no checking if the values are
    correct, or even if ``min < max''.
    Default: not used.

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