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Basic Information on mirbug

Task: mirbug (file: mirbug)
Purpose: Send mail about bugs to appropriate person
Categories: user utility

   Usage: mirbug [-r] [-b] taskname [file]
   Mirbug allows the user to send bug reports to the appropriate people.
   mirbug creates a template report or prepends it to the optional file
   and then starts an editor. The editor is that indicated by the VISUAL
   or EDITOR environment variable, or vi if neither environment variable
   is set.
   After exiting the editor the user is given the option of not mailing
   the report by using ^C. If this is not done within 5 seconds, the
   report is mailed to the person responsible, to a central address and
   to the sender. If ^C is used, the report is saved.
     taskname should be one of the miriad tasks/tools/scripts or the
              string 'general'.
     file     (optional) is the name of a previously created file containing
              the report. This must be the second argument.
     -r       The -r switch causes mirbug to run the task, and include
              any output in the template bug report.
     -b       Do not invoke an editor -- just mail the template.

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