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Basic Information on miriad

Task: miriad
Purpose: Simple Miriad front-end for dumb terminals.
Categories: tools

  "miriad" is a command-line front-end to run Miriad tasks from a dumb
  terminal. The commands that you give it are somewhat AIPS-like.
  Unrecognised commands are passed to the host command interpreter.

  The following are the recognised commands:

    set <key> <value>           Set or show a keyword.
    <key>=<value>               Set a keyword.
    unset <key> [<key> ... ]    Unset keyword(s).
    er <key>                    Line-edit a keyword value.
    task [<task>]               Set/show default task.
    inp [<task>]                Show settings of keywords to task.
    go  [<task>] [> log] [&]    Run a task.
    help [-k key] [-w] [<task>] Help on a task or topic.
    view [<task>]               Edit keyword file for task.
    save/load [file]            Save/load global keyword file.
    tget/tput [-l] [<task>]     Save/load task keyword file.
    setenv env value            Set environment variable.
    unsetenv env                Unset environment variable.
    cd <dir>                    Change and/or show current directory
    source <file>               Read commands from <file>
    exit                        Exit miriad and save variables.
    quit                        Exit miriad and do not save variables.

    help tasks
  for more information about Miriad tasks.

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