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Basic Information on mosgen

Task: mosgen
Purpose: Generate a mosaic file for the on-line system or for UVGEN.
Categories: uv analysis

        MOSGEN generates a file containing mosaic pointing centres.  The
        output format may be chosen either for the ATCA on-line system
        or UVGEN.

Key: radec
        RA and DEC of the centre of the mosaic in hh:mm:ss,dd:mm:ss
        format, or decimal hours and degrees.  The default is 0,0.

Key: width
        Width of the field to mosaic, in degrees.  One or two values can
        be given, being the width in RA and DEC.  Default is 0.1 deg.

Key: freq
        The observing frequency, in GHz.  Default is 1.4 GHz.

Key: device
        Standard PGPLOT plotting device to display a diagram of the
        pointing centres relative to the mosaic centre.  Default is not
        to produce a plot.

Key: log
        Output file listing the pointing centres.  Default is the

Key: olay
        Output file listing the pointing centres in a form suitable for
        display with the task cgdisp. If unset, no overlay is output.

Key: mode
        Format of the output file:
          atmosaic  Mosaic file format understood by the ATCA on-line
                    NOTE: The ATCA mosaic files produced by mosgen have
                    the offsets referenced to the pointing in the lower
                    left corner (earliest RA, least DEC value).  That
                    is, it is not the centre of the mosaic given by the
                    user.  The coordinate of the reference pointing is
                    given as a comment in the head of the file.  The
                    reason for the use of the lower left is to minimise
                    drive times and to pixel the reference as the first
                    point in the mosaic that rises. Note the ATCA on-
                    line system has a limit of 2048 pointing centers.
          uvgen     Format required for UVGEN's "center" keyword.

Key: telescop
        Primary beam type.  Default is ATCA.

Key: name
        For mode=atmosaic, a name used to derive the pointing name.  For
        example, using name=lmc, MOSGEN will generate pointing names of
        lmc_1, lmc_2, etc.  The full name must be 9 characters or less.

Key: cycles
        For mode=atmosaic, the number of cycles spent on each pointing.
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