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Basic Information on moslst

Task: moslst
Purpose: LST coverage of the different pointings in a mosaic.
Categories: uv analysis

        Determine the LSTs at which particular fields in a mosaic
        run are observed.

Key: vis
        Input vis datasets. No default.

Key: fields
        Indices of the pointings to check. If nothing is given, all
        pointings are checked.

Key: source
        Base source name of the mosaic. By default, MOSLST assumes that
        any source whose names ends in digits is a pointing of a mosaic,
        and takes this digits as the pointing number. If the SOURCE parameter
        is given, then MOSLST takes only those sources starting with that
        name, ending in digits, and with a possible underscore character
        in between.

Key: device
        PGPLOT device for the LST ranges. The default is no plot.

Key: ppp
        "Pointings per plot". This is used for plotting, and allows the
        output to be broken into a number of subplots. Each subplot will
        have (at most) the given number of pointings in it. The default
        is to not break it into subplots.

Key: log
        Output log file. Default is the terminal.

Key: gap
        Gap tolerance. This is used for the log output to indicate
        large gaps in the LST coverage. The default is 36 minutes.

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