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Basic Information on mossdi

Task: mossdi
Purpose: Mosaic Steer CLEAN algorithm
Categories: deconvolution

        MOSSDI is a MIRIAD task that performs a Steer CLEAN on a
        mosaiced image or cube.

Key: map
        The input dirty map, which should have units of Jy/beam
        No default.

Key: beam
        The input dirty beam. No default

Key: model
        An initial model of the deconvolved image. The default is 0.

Key: out
        The name of the output map.  The units of the output will be

Key: gain
        CLEAN loop gain. The default is 0.1.

Key: niters
        The maximum number of iterations. The default is 100.

Key: cutoff
        Iterating stops if the absolute maximum residual falls below t
        his level.  The default is 0.
        When two values are given, do a deep clean to the second cutoff
        limiting peak finding to the pixels that are already in the

Key: clip
        This sets the relative clip level.  Values are typically 0.75 to
        0.9.  The default is 0.9.

Key: region
        The standard region of interest keyword.  See the help on
        region for more information. The default is the entire image.

Key: options
        Extra processing options:
          positive   Constrain the deconvolved image to be positive
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